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Dental implants have made it possible to provide a long-term, high-quality solution to tooth loss. As a matter of fact, being able to address both appearance and function seamlessly is a feat of great complexity. This feat has proven beneficial to a variety of individuals who have experienced the loss of one or more structures. Nevertheless, a machine is only as good as its components, and implant dentistry is no different. The purpose of this blog is to discuss the importance of structural support when it comes to your treatment, as well as how a sinus lift or bone graft can help.

Support is necessary.

The ability to bite and chew is the result of a series of components working together. Your tooth consists of a crown and a root. It is your root’s secure connection to your jawbone that allows your crown to tear apart food items. Since the root functions as an anchor for your structures, your crowns can absorb the pressure of your bite without faltering.

The jaw bone also plays an important role in this system. The root stimulates the jaw and keeps it strong and sturdy, while the jaw provides enough structure for your root to secure itself. For effective oral function, all three parts—the jaw, roots, and crown—are required.

Waiting too long for treatment

When a person loses a tooth as a result of an infection or another cause, it is more than just a cosmetic concern. Not only does a lost structure interfere with proper function, but it can also cause gradual erosion of the jaw bone.

Whenever a jaw bone is not stimulated by a root, it begins to deteriorate and weaken. Thus, if you intend to replace a missing tooth with an implant, the chances of it succeeding are greatly diminished. This may necessitate some form of structural rebuilding procedure, such as bone grafting or a sinus lift.

It provides a greater chance of success.

A partially eroded jaw bone can impede the success of your implant. Having a bone graft or sinus lift by an implant specialist or oral surgeon will provide you with greater success by rebuilding the structural support for the implant.

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Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care, but just like anything else in life, they need a solid foundation. If you want to learn more about rebuilding your jaw structure to support your implant treatment, contact our dental implant office today to schedule a consultation with our experienced team.

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