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Dental implants are the best alternative when replacing missing natural teeth. Knowing that they require the same routine care and maintenance as your natural teeth is important. Let’s discuss the types of care your dental implant appliance will need to last you many wonderful and healthy years. 

Implant partials and implant dentures

There is little difference in the daily care of implant partials and implant dentures. Cleaning your appliance daily and maintaining your routine visits with your dentist are critical to your overall oral health and the longevity of your implant appliance. Both the implant partial and the denture have components that can be damaged or wear faster without proper daily care and routine dental visits.

Cleaning your non-removable implant partial or denture

  1. Daily brushing for 2-3 minutes with a soft bristle toothbrush as you would with your natural teeth is required. Power toothbrushes are highly recommended as with natural teeth, and they will not damage the appliance if used properly. With partials, you want to ensure the health of the remaining natural teeth surrounding the partial. For both implant partials and dentures, you will need to brush away all plaque and food debris. Brushing well around the gumline helps to stimulate the gums ensuring a secure fit overtime. 
  2. Daily gentle flossing is recommended with your implant appliance, as you would your natural teeth. To make flossing easier, your dentist can provide you with the proper floss to use with your implant appliances. It is important to keep in mind that your implant appliances will require a different type of floss than that of your natural teeth. 

Cleaning your removable implant partial or denture

  1. Take your partial or denture out at night and clean it with a denture brush using antibacterial unscented soap and warm water. You will need to gently brush the rubber o-rings in your appliance to ensure the removal of any food debris. Failing to remove all food debris from your appliance can prevent you from properly and easily placing it back in your mouth.
  2. Once you are sure your appliance is free of any food debris, you can place it in a denture box filled with water, allowing it to soak overnight.

If you have a removable implant appliance, you should not sleep with it in place because your gums need to breathe. Having your gum tissue constantly covered by hard acrylic can cause it to become swollen, infected, and sore. In some cases, sleeping with your removable appliance can cause jaw bone resorption.

Maintenance of implants and implant appliances

All of your implants and appliances will need to be maintained. This includes individual implants as well as removable or non-removable implant partials and dentures

  1. From time to time, your implant partial or denture will require professional maintenance, as will your dental implants. 
  2. Every few months, the rubber o-rings on your appliance may need to be replaced due to wear. You will want to visit your dental implant specialist if you feel that the rings are loose or worn. A quick and simple procedure can make a significant difference in the fit and longevity of your appliance.
  3. Yearly your dental implants need to be cleaned by a dental professional. 

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