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Periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease or periodontitis, affects millions of Americans, with a significant number suffering from its consequences. According to a study by the American Academy of Periodontology, nearly 65 million Americans over 30 and 70% of adults over 65 are affected by gum disease. At Schaumburg Dental Implant Center, we prioritize educating our patients about the causes and risk factors associated with periodontal disease to help them maintain optimal oral health.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is paramount in preventing gum disease. Regular brushing twice a day and flossing can effectively remove plaque, a leading cause of gum disease. Additionally, scheduling routine dental checkups every six months allows our team at Schaumburg Dental Implant Center to monitor your oral health and address any concerns promptly.

Tobacco use poses a significant risk factor for periodontal disease, as nicotine restricts blood flow to the gums, leading to increased susceptibility to infections. Both traditional smoking and electronic cigarettes can contribute to gum disease and other oral health issues.

Genetics also play a role in predisposing individuals to periodontal disease. Through genetic testing, individuals at risk can be identified early, allowing for proactive treatment and management.

Certain medications, such as antihistamines and oral contraceptives, may impact oral health by causing gum swelling or dry mouth. Informing your dentist about your medication use is crucial for personalized treatment planning.

Stress can weaken the body’s immune response, making individuals more vulnerable to infections, including gum disease. Similarly, diabetic complications can impair the body’s ability to combat inflammation, increasing the risk of periodontal disease.

Nutrient deficiencies, particularly in vitamin C, can compromise the immune system, making individuals more susceptible to infections like gum disease. Consuming a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients and staying hydrated can help support oral health.

Periodontal disease requires timely intervention to prevent further complications and restore oral health. If diagnosed with gum disease, seeking treatment from our experienced team at Schaumburg Dental Implant Center is essential for effective management and long-term oral wellness. Schedule an appointment with us today to receive personalized care and expert guidance in combating periodontal disease. Your journey to a healthier mouth starts here.

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