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Perhaps you’ve heard someone talk about “permanent dentures”, “fixed dentures”, “overdentures” or “implant dentures” and are wondering what they are, how they differ, and most importantly, how they differ from conventional dentures. Keep in mind that each of these terms is interchangeable and they are all the same type of denture. Knowing this will keep you from being overwhelmed by the information you gather and receive.

Conventional dentures

Conventional dentures are removable appliances for replacing teeth that look similar to natural teeth and gums. They are used to replace missing teeth and partially restore chewing and speaking functionality. A close fit keeps them in place by suction as they are affixed over the remaining gum. The natural grip may not always be sufficient due to the gradual loss of muscle and bone in the jaw. 

While conventional dentures work to restore your smile, they are not able to fully restore your teeth’s structural function. This is as a result of your jawbone being resorbed after you have lost your teeth. If tooth roots are not stimulated properly, your jawbone will continue to deteriorate, changing the shape of your jaw and eventually causing your dentures to no longer fit. The loss of jawbone can cause sagging or sinking in of your face, making you appear older.

Implant dentures

Alternatively, fixed dentures or implant dentures are used to replace missing teeth and look like natural teeth and gums. They are affixed to the jaw using multiple dental implants. Unlike conventional dentures, they restore the functionality of missing teeth. Additionally, implant dentures offer immediate stability, comfort, and retention. 

As a result of placing dental implants in the jawbone, the bone is stimulated so that resorption does not occur. The implant fuses with the bone and provides a similar level of strength and function to that of your real teeth. Due to the fact that no bone resorption will occur, your dentures will continue to fit properly and you will not need to adjust them often. Moreover, you would not lose facial shape as a result of bone loss.

Are fixed dentures a solution for me?

Implant-retained dentures are ideal for people who have a number of missing teeth and need a long-lasting restoration solution. With implant dentures, you will not need to remove them every day to clean them, soak them in solution, or retain them with an adhesive. People who choose implant dentures always feel secure while talking, laughing, and even eating. Additionally, they may be recommended for people with conventional dentures that are uncomfortable or prone to slipping. 

Implant dentures are the highest quality, long-term option for replacing missing teeth. Not only will they give you confidence in your appearance, but they will also bring you comfort in everyday activities. We invite you to schedule a consultation to find out whether you are a candidate for implant-supported dentures. Contact our dental implant specialists today.

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